Business Plus Legal Series

Running a successful business takes many skills and enormous effort. Maximizing the reward for your effort takes careful planning and the support of various professionals that you can rely on to keep you aware of opportunities and risks that are continually changing. The Business Plus Legal Series provides business professionals with legal insights and tips for structuring both their professional and personal lives in ways that protect the investment of time, energy and equity needed to be successful.

Join us for the Business Plus Legal Series on August 30th. We’ll cover four topics in four separate sessions. Feel free to register for one or two sessions.

9:00 am Sessions:

Session 1A: Warning Signs: Managing Financial Issues before the Bank Comes Calling, Speaker – Darren R Bieganek, QC

With the economy in a downturn, it’s likely that you could be feeling the effects in your own company. In this session, we will look at the early warning signs of financial distress which will assist you in making the important decisions needed to ensure your long term business survival. We will review a number of restructuring options available to business owners and provide commentary on if and when you should seek assistance from your financial advisors and legal professionals.

Session 1B: Incorporating 101, Speakers – Robert C Dunseith, QC and Matt Anderson In starting a new business, one of the first decisions you must make is what type of business you wish to set up. In this session, we’ll cover the benefits that come with incorporation and some of the various ways to structure agreements among shareholders. We will discuss how incorporating can ensure the continuity of your business if the original shareholders sell or move on from the business. This is an excellent primer for future and potential business owners including those considering a professional corporation.

10:00 am Sessions:

Session 2A: Termination Meetings and Employees vs Contractors, Speaker – Ronald T Smith

The decision has been made to terminate an employee and you’re the one to do it. Now what? In this session, we will give you the do’s and don’ts on conducting a termination meeting as well as review case studies. You will discover what makes an effective workplace investigation, when they should be done and what the benefits are to doing them. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between an employee and an independent contractor? We’ll talk about why it matters and how to minimize risk with proper contracts.

Session 2B: Real Estate Cost Savers, Speakers – Jeff R Fixsen and Brittany Earl

This session is geared towards real estate agents and brokers to discover ways to prevent delays, get better assurance, and save money in a real estate transaction. We will review common traps and the ways to both avoid them and add value to your client by looking at:

1. Pitfalls of the standard form real estate contract;

2. How being cheap can end up being really expensive; and

3. Things real estate lawyers fight about (but don’t want to).

We will also look at various tools and opportunities available to help the buyer and seller get the job done, on time, and at minimal overall cost.

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