Business Plus Legal Series

Businesses by their very nature are designed to grow. In its beginning stages, careful planning and attention is important to ensure that it is in a position to accommodate the changes and complexities involved in growth. Once your business reaches maturity, maintaining its viability and transitioning requires sophisticated support. We have set up the complimentary Business Plus Legal Series on August 17 at the Matrix Hotel to help you through all stages of your business growth. The sessions have been organized into two streams:

Stream 1: You are ready to start your new business or you have already started but need a little help moving it along.
Stream 2: Your business is more mature or perhaps ready to transition or slow down.

9:00 AM Sessions:

Buck Hunting: Drawing in the Right Financing Source for your Business
Jeff Fixsen & Kayla Thompson

When you are financing your business, putting all your eggs in one basket is not a good strategy. By diversifying your financing sources, you have a better chance of getting the appropriate financing that meets your specific needs. Whether you opt for a bank loan, an angel investor, a government grant or a business incubator, each of these sources has specific benefits and obligations. Join our speakers as they walk you through some of the options available to you and things that you should consider.

Stepping Out of Your Family Business: How to Best Structure Your Business for Succession Planning
Rhonda Johnson & Mark Baergen

You have worked hard to build a successful family business and would like to step out of the business and have your child(ren) step into your shoes. A good succession plan will allow you to protect the legacy of your business, deal with unexpected events (illness, accident or death) and prepare for the financial, legal and tax implications. Join our speakers as they discuss how you can successfully transition your business to the next generation.

10:00 AM Sessions:

Financing Your Business: What to Consider Before you Accept the Offer of Finance
Percival Odynak, QC
Loans come in all different shapes and sizes. Understanding what your lending agreement requires of you and what is negotiable is important. Carefully identifying and negotiating these flexible terms before you accept can put your business in a better financial situation when times get tough. Participants in this session will learn how to identify these terms and how to initiate a discussion with their lender before they sign on the bottom line.

Owner/Shareholder Disputes
Ted Feehan & Erin Burton

Establishing a new business with someone else is an exciting and positive experience. In the midst of this positive energy, it is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to overlook the importance of a shareholder or a partnership agreement. However, failure to overlook this critical agreement can cause considerable headache to your business and your finances down the road. In this session, we explore common causes of disputes and the ways that you can work to manage these.

Guests are encouraged!